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CORY CASE - 'Waiting On A Remedy' LP

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"Waiting On A Remedy" is the first album from rag-tag rocker CORY CASE whom you might know from his former band the Licks.  CORY draws influences from past experiences and daily life.  And the chords he strums intricately mesh with this subject matter creating songs that automatically resonate with the listener.   Whether intentional or not, CORY writes songs about things that everyone has felt or gone through in their life.  And he presents them in such an honest and sincere way, that the listener can't help but feel and understand CORY's plight. 

The album begins with CORY in his most comfortable environment....pluckin' away in his bedroom with a guitar in his hand and a harmonica strapped to his shoulders; singing his heart out to no one in particular.  ‘Waiting On  A Remedy' takes us on a  happy go lucky, joy ride through CORY'S storied, past.  A past where he isn't afraid to open up about his highs and lows all the while presenting a very creative, intricate musical back drop where CORY CASE comes off sounding more like a musical colleague to his mentors; than a fan.  I don't know how else to say it, but that  their really is something special about the way CORY CASE writes.  And that special something only comes from years and years of listening to, absorbing and playing music.  His music really stands on it's own and his lifes passion to his work, illustriously shines through on ‘Waiting On A Remedy'.  CD includes the bonus track ‘It'll Be Alright', which is one of CORY's most requested live songs.