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COSMONAUTS - Persona Non Grata LP

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Reverb heavy Brit-pop inspired psychedelic awesomeness. Blowin' up! Hailing from the sleepy suburban sprawl of Orange County, California, Cosmonauts forge malcontent drone-pop melodies, delivered with a clangy laser-fuzz backbone. Formed in Summer 2009 by Alexander Ahmadi & Derek Cowart, Cosmonauts offer a glimpse of drug-addled Southern Californian rock n roll in the 21st century. Inspired in equal parts by polo-shirts and MDMA, this four-piece garage-trance outfit has garnered a reputation of amps dialed to ten and lullaby meltdowns with both audiences and contemporaries.

Supporting established acts at home & abroad such as The Growlers, The Black Angels, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, The Beach Fossils & more. Defined by critics as "Beach Boys on downers" & "how Lou Reed wound up wearing that dog collar", these pop-loving, feedback-chasing drop-outs have been releasing records and touring North America and Europe at breakneck speed. Releasing material with labels like Burger Records, Austin's Reverberation Appreciation Society & more. Not to mention a handful of 7" singles released by European & Californian labels. Last year they followed up heir rattling, echo-drenched 2011 debut self-titled LP (Permanent Records) with 2012's If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die, released by local-Fullertonian label Burger Records. Both LPs recorded in a rennovated Anaheim warehouse, in viewing distance of Disneyland's nightly fireworks.

"It's audible, vociferous, pulverizing, and bursting at the seams with trippy-ish fuzzy layers of cacophonic synchronization and disharmonic reverberation in a specifically 60s beatnik drug-den, is-that-purple-zebra-in-sunglasses-reallythere sort of way."- GET BENT

"Relishes in the kind of cool 80s minimalism championed by Spacemen 3 and Confusion Is Sex era Sonic Youth"- LA RECORD