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DEAD HOOKERS - The Burial/The Rebirth LP

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For those not in the know the DEAD HOOKERS are Dead Lukes band, before he started recording solo as DEAD LUKE.  The DEAD HOOKERS can loosely be classified as a garage band. Their songs are centered around traditional 60’s garage riffs. But instead of restructuring and rehashing the same ‘ol Back From The Grave tunes, the DEAD HOOKERS bring something completely refreshing to the table. They adjoin their fuzzy, decayed Nuggets-like tunes with trippy, blissful psychadelic interludes. So each song has more of a path, than just the same ‘ol verse/chorus/verse structure. And the result is something very uniquely their own. Cover artwork by Mike Sniper AKA Blank Dogs.  Fans of the Blank Dogs, Pink Reason and Daily Void will dig.