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Killer blues inspired sludge rock n roll Debut album from Newcastle pedigree rock pigs.

From their bio
“What can ya say when it’s all been done?” Well, “we’ve played the songs, we’ve lived and won”, that’s what…or so the song says anyway.
East Coast Low…born out of necessity more than anything else – the nagging desire to kick out some serious jams, capture the FEEL, ‘cause “ya can’t fake the FEEL,” right?
We know the kids are alright but sometimes ya gotta wonder if it’s just a game to them. So what do you do? You take 5 old heads with over 100 years’ experience shredding finger tips, vocal cords, guitar strings & drum skins; you add a healthy dose of seek and destroy urgency and you take it to the street. What you get is an East Coast Low…down low rock, down in yer gut…rock to escape, rock to keep it real, rock to soothe souls, rock to burn hearts.
You want pedigree chum? How does this bunch of dog meat tickle yer fancy? East Coast Low are in or have been in: The New Christs, Beefweek, The Fools, 78 Saab, No Reason, Sandpaper, Hell Crab City, The Cops & Aberration to name a few.
Influences? How about a nice dose of influenza bought on by sick rockers like Beasts of Bourbon, Hellacopters, X, Motorhead etc. Get the drift?