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After 3 mind bending singles, New Haven, CT's premier rockers the ESTROGEN HIGHS are back to give us another upbeat, jangley dose of primitive rock n roll. As the singles can attest, with the ESTROGEN HIGHS, the tunes are never to calculated. The playing is always loose, the ideas are always solid, and the end result is a pretty warbled, sloppy mess that comes together into something raw and unique. And I don't think that happens by accident. Their musical blue print definitely centers around the less is more aestetic, and they drill the point home with with overly catchy riffs bashed intoxicatingly into poppy garage precision. After listening to 'Tell It To Them' you definitely get the sense that each of the four members of the band have a pretty similar idea of what rock n roll is. There are probably more than a few overlapping Yardbirds, Gories, Cheater Slicks, Seeds, Real Kids, Kinks and Stones records in their collections giving them enough of an idyllic musical arsenal to really dish the goods. And dish the goods they do. On 'Tell It To Them', the ESTROGEN HIGHS take that less is more aesthetic and keep it honest, real and catchy by letting the music hammer out their blurry, scuzzy message.  During a time when their definitely seems to be a lull in underground garage bands, it's nice to know that there are still a few killer bands that more than adequately fill the gap.