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FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS - Severed Tongue Speaks For Everyone CD

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Just as noisy and obnoxious as before, the Functional Blackouts are back again with another auditory assault. Man these guys really know how to make a record. Four chaps from Chicago bangin out noisy rock'n'roll influenced by everything from the Germs to the Crime to the Stooges. Play it loud enough and you'll probably just get one high-pitched buzz coming out of your speakers in uneven intervals. Turn down the volume and you've got distorted as hell guitar (á la Dead Kennedys), heavy rhythm banged out on the skins and bass (á la whatever the fuck you want it to be) and screeched vocals just as distorted and indistinguishible as the guitar. But at just the right volume this is sucker is pure GEEEEEEEEEEENIUS!!!

A pretty solid album from start to finish. "Terrorist Vacuum", "Stab Your Back" and "I'm a Modern Modern Man" are reminiscent of angular `70s punk cashed out at max fiercity and high volumes. You also got avant-noise drones tossed in on "Gonna Get Cut", "Lucid Thing" and "Train of Naught." These gentlemen have definately created a fine specimen of a rock and roll here.