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FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS - The Very Best Of The Monkees CD

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The Functional Blackouts are dead, but as their swan song Dead Beat has released this disc, a singles/comp tracks/unreleased catch-all of material from these Chicago WEIRD PUNKS. Most of this stuff is from the 'classic' line-up with Nervous and Dirt Mark, when they were still a bit more punk than weird. Eighteen cuts, a handful of unreleased nuggets (Cab Voltaire cover!), plus all the singles (including the upcoming split on Big Neck with the incredibly annoying KK Rampage) in one place. Would I like it better as a 12"? Sure, if just to see the collage work on the cover in a bigger scale. But this'll do just fine for the car. (TERMINAL BOREDOM)

If your a fan of the band, this ones a must. 18 tracks total including the songs from their three out of print singles on Electrorock, Goodbye Boozey and Wrench; along with the songs from their split with Fashion Fashion And The Image Boys and KK Rampage! Some of these singles tracks I have hand picked unreleased alternate takes or restructured unreleased versions of songs that were originally released on the singles. So if you have the singles, you haven’t necessarily heard all the versions of the songs on this CD. Which songs? Well, check the disc out and find out for yourself.