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INTELLECTUALS - Invisible Is The Best CD

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Fuck ya Rome's premier garbage can derelicts are back at it again. On their new album ‘Invisible Is The Best’, the Intellectuals fire off 14 tracks of hook laden, blues drenched, keys skronkin’, Rock ‘n Roll madness. ‘Invisible Is The Best’ exuberantly runs the Riff ‘n Roll gamut from blues-heavy, fuzz rippers in the vein of Fireworks and the Gories to full throttle lo-fi Garage Punk jammers in the vein of the Mummies, Supercharger and the Rip Offs. 'Invisible Is The Best' is a really fun album spewed by a power trio that just sounds like they're having a care free, blast bashing through these 14 low brow, fuzzed out garage tunes. And their genuine unfeigned enthusiasm is what makes 'Invisible Is The Best' an album that will revered by Garage Rock nuts and Rock ‘n Roll freaks for years to come. Fans of King Louie, the Headcoats, Rip Offs, the Mummies and the Oblivians will dig. Recommended.