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LEADFINGER - Friday Nights Heroes LP

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Leadfinger play their own style of 70’s rock with nods to a wide range of influences that stretches from The Byrds to The Replacements, The Saints and the MC5. They have been around since 2007 and are led by guitar slinger/singer-songwriter and indie rock icon, Scottish-born Stewart Cunningham (Proton Energy Pills, Asteroid B-612, Brother Brick, Challenger-7, and The Yes-Men)

There’s no filler on “Friday Night Heroes”, not a single wasted note, everything fits like the sparkles in a well-cut diamond. ‘Friday Night Heroes’ is one of my few favourite lps of 2016, and it’ll be playing to admirers and cut-throats and dancers and musicians long after we’re all damned dust.” ******* 7 Stars

– Robert Brokenmouth, i-94 Bar website (July, 2016).


"Friday Night Heroes is a consumate, soulful rock’n'roll album from the Australian music scene’s ultimate fringe dwellers, you won’t hear a better record this year” ***** 5 Stars

– The Barman, i-94 Bar website (July, 2016).