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LIGHTS OUT! - Destroy/Create CD

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Instigating a tidal wave of snotty Punk from the confines of Der Hinterland comes our favorite Stuttgart degenerates, LIGHTS OUT!   Blazing with bombardment-laden confidence, an armory of arrogance and radiating with energetic, youthful exuberance; LIGHTS OUT belt out an arsenal of Punk Rockin' rippers on ‘Destroy/Create'!   14 short, spite filled anthems with just enough tongue in cheek wit to make you think that their might still be hope for these 4 dudes, after all.  LIGHTS OUT! Definitely covers a lot of ground on each minute and a half blast.  And with all but a gasp in between songs; each tune effortlessly flows into the next with eerie, forceful precision.  Imagine the Circle Jerks covering Negative Approach with the mongo, thug-ey aspects of Reagan Youth and you'll think it's 1982 all over again .  Yep, fast, obnoxious, punk rock with serious early US HC undertones is what LIGHTS OUT! are all about. And goddaang, if they don't do it well.   14 tunes in just under the 22 minutes, so they barely wear out their welcome.  Punishingly, enjoyable in all the right ways.