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NEON PISS - Self Titled LP

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“Playing music is a challenge...if you want it to be good. If you want your music to mean something, then it needs to speak to people the minute it hits their ears, and that is the challenge. NEON PISS have been crafting their debut vinyl release for nearly two years, but you get the impression that this was an inevitable result - a vision realized when these four dudes started playing punk together. Everything about NEON PISS sounds familiar, you know how you are going to feel as soon as you hear the opening swagger of "Tabula Rasa," and they are every bit as good as you hope they are going to be. An LP full of songs that will make you feel instantly comfortable - you might have seen this movie, you've just never seen it acted quite this well, and the production this time around is sheer perfection. You are welcome to dismiss this as some more of that melodic punk that you are too cool to admit that you like, but you would be a fool. Yes, the songs are catchy, and yes NEON PISS will get stuck in your head and even sometimes put a spring in your step, but this shit is deep and these songs are as close to utter brilliance as I can ever remember hearing." Robert Collins/terminal escape blogspot Tuneful melodic punk not unlike the OBSERVERS.