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RADIO REELERS - Shakin At The Party LP

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 It's nice to listen to an album that delivers on its title. Gotta love a band that kicks off their CD with a song called "My Stereo." The Radio Reelers are all about rock and roll, and a have a healthy Devil Dogs/Real Kids  sound. Mix in some Johnny Thunders and Chuck Berry riffs, and you got some good music. They bill themselves as "San Francisco's Only Rock'n'Roll Band," which is quite a claim, but these guys are really good. They got together in 2001, and include former members of the Fells, the Shrinks, the Trust Fund Babies and the Weird Lovemakers. On the back of the Album is a picture of a bunch of records, and in amongst them is the first Teenage Head album which shows they got great taste, too.  Great album overall.