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SAM FLAX - Age Waves LP

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After the release of his sold out début album on Cassette, we’re pleased to say‘AGE WAVES’, the debut album from California artist and multi-instrumentalist SAM FLAX is here.

Rarely do debut albums come as confident and fullyformed as this: expertly melding garage pop, new wave, 60’s psychedelia and 70’s FM rock into a kaleidoscopic and highly idiosyncratic vision of dub-infused pop.

Drawn by a fascination of pop culture coupled with the experimental and esoteric, the tracks explore outsider themes of the blurring line between high and low culture, pop and avant-garde, reclusiveness and exuberance, while never losing sight of the off-kilter hooks and instantly grabbing riffs that anchor them.

’AGE WAVES’ is a celebration of pop eccentricity at it’s most exuberant, the work of a freshly arrived musical maverick charging straight out of the gate.