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SHARK TOYS - Self Titled LP

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Inner city mutations reign supreme on this shambolic, scuzz-pop ripper from bowels of Los Angeles.  Throbbing bass, jagged guitars, and dreary vocals anchor each tune with grimy proto punk toughness and clangy, post punk grit. And the poetry-as-lyrics vocals are smattered with splashes of Keys and a Moog that have a real rhythmic, almost mechanical, feel to them that kinda comes off a little like Devo.  But don't take that as them sounding like a Wave band, because they're far from it.  SHARK TOYS music is carved out of the ramshackle, pop-fused, punk of bands like the Modern Lovers and Television Personalities.   Intimate and shambolic, gutter-pop, slop polished in Swell Maps, Raincoats and Gang of Four decadence.  Recorded and mixed by Monty Buckles of the Lamps/Wounded Lion.