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SUNDAY DRUNKS- 'S/T' LP. Rockin’ punk and rockin roll from 3/4 of the late great MULLENS here. You know that time when you were drinking all day long and you reach that point where you begin drooling? Well, a CD of the Sunday Drunks caliber would definitely fit in at that moment.

Having been one myself, I was interested to find out if these Sunday Drunks could live up to the haggard, street nuisance lot in life that their name implies. Well, get out the sawdust and keep 911 on the speed dial, because these cats sound like the real deal. The Sunday Drunks play rattlesnake daddy swagger rock, the kind Chuck Berry used to make, only roughed up to the contemporary standard of sin drivers like American Heartbreak or the Sons of Hercules and infused with a shot of Stonesy honky tonk and a splash of 60's fuzz punk. It's like a dizzy mixture of ever more poisonous flavors of rock that would most surely be green, fizzing, and harmful if swallowed were it an actual drink and not just a record that sounds like the last cocktail that nearly did you in. Admitting everything, regretting nothing, and doing it all in classic rubber legged style, the Sunday Drunks are one bloody Mary away from either debauched rock stardom or just falling down dead. Something tells me that either one would suit the boys just fine. The Sunday Drunks really won me over. RECOMMENDED!!