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THE FEELERS - Learn To Hate CD

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There just aren't enough bands these days that are seriously exploring the finer points of Benjamin Orr's wardrobe. Enter Ohio's THE FEELERS. The boys kick up a glorious bottle smashing CRAMPS-by-way-of-DEVO hootenanny, perfect for livening up your bridge game at the in-laws. With song titles like "Stuttgart Looking Motherfucker" and a drummer named Q.T. Thunderguns, one may be tempted to think that these guys are just about destroying private property and consuming illicit chemicals. And of course, it's completely true. But despite the wackiness, there's plenty of musical muscle-flexing, namely from bass player Sean Sensation, who lights quite a fire under ditties like "Pigs on Dope" and the ultra-snappy "Slit Writz". The only thing that could ruin a blowout like this is eggheaded production. But don't worry, it only takes one listen to these unpolished howls, yowlz, and burbles to set all worries to rest. Throw your coat on the chair, park your brain on the adjoining table, grab somebody else's drink, and turn it up.  This one’s a winner..