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THE MAXINES - The White Out EP 7"

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During the first thirty seconds of “The White Out!”, the first song on the debut EP from The Maxines edited by La-Ti-Da Records in 2011, I was salivating for this sweeping work performed by this North American duo, composed of Matt Murillo on guitar and Kelly Norman on drums.
Both explore his music in a great way that remember when the garage caused severe brain damage and that's where The Maxines come with hollow sounds and ragged and crunchy fuzzed-out's.
The First EP comprises four songs, the first “White Out!” expels fuzz ferocity of this band in a minute and ten seconds.
The version of "Sweet Nothings" of Brenda Lee is a sweeping interpretation of Kelly Norman, while "Queer Mods" and "The Hunch" free the fuzz on a more spiritual, the latter (a versions of Hasil Adkins) could easily be an interpretation of The Cramps such is the “cramped” power that contain.
Now in 2012, the mastermind Calvin Johnson of K Records, after having considered the first EP by The Maxines as one of the best albums of 2011, I sign under, edited by his own label "Drugstore". A torn piece by fuzzed-out that will crush in every second the few neurons, which already will have, and I am speaking simply of the opening theme, that title also this EP.
"Gotta Talk About" and "Hang Around" are two of the four songs present in the second EP, and if the first is primitive, and can easily be part of any collection of "Girls In The Garage", the second tear everything fuzz and bumps battery that look more like a heart beat of a tired horse.
Both "The White Out" and "Drugstore" show that there are no double meanings, not loud and no doubt always, always what is easiest or so it seems, will always be the best.
You guys are in the presence of two records simply unique and fantastics. You know when Calvin Johnson from Beat Happening and K records has been involved at some stage they have to be good.